Cyanotype and VAN dyke prints

Framed 16" x 20"


"Years ago I began tracing the shadows cast by plants in the sunshine. Crawling around in greenery, kneeling or perching while steadying my pad of paper, and working quickly with the sun (please keep shining!) and wind (stay still just a little longer!) to capture the image. I love how portable and meditative this process is and how it sharpens my focus on whatever may be growing wherever I find myself – on travels or at home.

More recently I’ve taken inspiration from pioneering botanist and photographer, Anna Atkins, who documented underwater plant life off the coast of England in the 1800s using the cyanotype process. Like her, I place plant materials directly onto sensitized paper, expose the paper to the sun, and rinse it in water to stop the exposure (or in the ocean, if more convenient, as she did). The results can be quite unpredictable, which I love."