the stories we tell

We are interested in stories where the experience of alienation and the struggle for reconciliation intersect. All great plays explore these questions to some degree, but certain plays address these realities with greater compassion and understanding. We produce new and established work.


Why theater?

We believe that the act of honest and compassionate storytelling matters. The theater is one of the last places in our culture where challenging but essential questions are asked in a public space. The theater invites everyone to go off-line in order to be present to the exploration and conversation of the play. Community and humility take priority over individualism and certitude.  Asking questions in a room full of strangers is a reconciliatory act, in an culture where people are increasingly feeling alienated and misunderstood. 



Our artists and audience are why we create theater. Our hope is that every aspect of our production reflects our commitment to hospitality as much as it does to excellent theater. We set up a banquet table with food and wine after each performance for the sake of continuing the conversation. The playwright, actors, designers and the audience all play an equally important part at Sea Dog Theater. Whether you are an artist or an audience member, we hope you will feel at home with us.



We are always interested in meeting new actors and theater artists in the NYC area and welcome new play submissions that fit our vision. The best way to get involved is to show up at an event and introduce yourself! 

We welcome interns as needed. A background in theater, arts management, and production is preferred. Our interns are asked to participate in every aspect of our company and events. Contact: