Flight Series

Framed Prints

20x20  $2,350
12x18  $1,650

Framed Rubbed White Maple 25x25 | Print Size 20x20

Framed Rubbed White Maple 16.5x24 | Print Size 12x18

The two images from his Flight series on display were shot a decade ago, in a time between seasons, on a Lubitel twin-lens reflex camera on it’s last legs. The artist’s hands bled for these images, and the celluloid negatives emerged scarred.

Through-lines of this artist’s work are evident in the photographs on display:

An articulation and intimacy with the outlines of relationship. Felt in the compositional qualities of his subjects, and their surroundings.

A meditation of things lost and recovered.
Evidenced, upon close inspection, in the remnants of scars, painstakingly healed in a way that allows them to be faintly observable. Serving as a reminder that suffering may scar, but beauty finds a way to be more abundant.

An interest in timelessness, even an attempt to transcend time itself. Manifest in the production and arrangement of the details in the shoot, and most apparent as a blur of questions as to which season or century the subjects may be living through.