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Running a theater company is a challenging endeavor. Our goal is to produce professional theater in New York City, pay all our artists and provide a hospitable experience for our audience. All this, while keeping ticket prices at an affordable price. Since it is virtually impossible to achieve this by ticket sales alone, we are dependent on individual donations and grants to make up most of our yearly operating budget.

We can receive tax deductible donations. Sea Dog Theater is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non­profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Sea Dog Theater must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only. Any contribution above the value of the goods and services received by the donor is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

To view our giving levels (all of which include tickets to one or more productions) and make a one time or monthly donation, visit the link below:


why should you become a patron?

1. SEA DOG THEATER distinguishes itself in that our plays are question specific. Where, How and Why does the reality of alienation intersect with the struggle for reconciliation? We are not interested in plays that moralize, serve a particular propaganda or offer easy solutions to life’s questions. We produce new plays, devise our own work, and stage existing material that is relevant in our culture today, in particular work that address questions of alienation and reconciliation.

2. We pay all our contributing artists. It is standard practice to ask many theater artists to work for next to nothing. We are committed to putting our artists first, paying everyone we work with, while pursuing excellence in all areas of the production. 

3. We make our productions affordable to our audience. We will make our reading events suggested donation for all to attend and charge $20-30 per ticket to full productions. 

4. Hospitality is at the center of what we do. Our goal is not solely to produce great theater, but to create an environment where you know you belong. Whether you an artist or audience member, we want to hear your story, and hope you feel at home with us. 


other ways to get involved

We are always interested in meeting new artists in the NYC area and welcome new play submissions that fit our vision.  We welcome interns as needed. A background in theater, arts management, and production is preferred. Our interns are asked to participate in every aspect of our company and will be involved in at least one full production while they work with us. Stipend provided. Contact: